Mermaids Massively Multiplayer Game

Screenshots from Mermaids showing gesture interface (L & R).

Mermaids is a Massively Multiplayer Game that I am developing with the Emergent Game Group {egg}, my research group at Georgia Tech. The game is set in an underwater world and its research objective is to experiment with the use of emergent social behavior as a design material. This means crafting a game that has some story elements, but leaves others open for players to create on their own. Mermaids runs on the Multiverse platform. In 2007, the Phase 1 Prototype was presented at the Game Developers Conference, Indie Game Developers Conference, the SIGGRAPH Sandbox, and the Austin Game Developers Conference. The game is scheduled to go into an Alpha phase in early 2008 under the Multiverse “Worlds-in-Progress” program. For more on the project visit: http:// . For updates on the Alpha release, visit

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