VR Garden, InterMedia World (1996)

A showcase of cutting-edge VR applications, including contributors such as VRML artist Scott Young (L), and an interactive music video by Fakespace artist-in-residence Chris Gruel (R).

In 1996, Reid Exhibitions asked me to create something similar to The Lounge @ SIGGRAPH for InterMedia World, an expo in San Francisco that focused on CD-ROM publishing. My team proposed and implemented the VR Garden, a showcase of cutting-edge virtual reality including high-end Silicon Graphics-based applications, and new web-based 3D offerings from the VRML community.

This exhibition included works from the Media Research Lab at NYU, VACTOR (a company that made motion capture systems), and Fakespace, as well as early work by Mark Meadows, Clay Graham, Charles Ostmann, Bill Barminski, and others. Aleta Francis was the project manager and Philip Wei did documentation, including video and photographs.