University of Southern California (1998-2001/2005-2006)

Visiting Researcher, Information Sciences Institute (1998-2000)
Worked on a number of projects as visiting researcher at Center for Advanced Research in Technology for Education (CARTE), a research group developing interactive characters and intelligent agents for learning.

Adjunct Professor, Interactive Media Track, School of Cinema-Television (1999-2001)
Courses taught:
• Introduction to Interactive Media (with Robert Nashak)
• Writing for Interactive Media (with Robert Nashak)
• Art/Science Collaboration (in School of the Arts, with Setsuko Ann Page and Marcus Thiebaux)

Visiting Scholar, Annenberg Center for Communication (2000-2001)
Spent a year as visiting scholar for the Annenberg Center, producing several events, including Entertainment in the Interactive Age, Creating for Convergence/Designing for Divergence lecture series, and the BRIDGES Symposium.

Program Development, Interactive Media Division (2000-2001)
Served as interim director and wrote curriculum package to form new master’s program in Interactive Media. Program was approved in 2001, and is currently directed by Scott Fisher, and home to the Game Innovation Lab, directed by Tracy Fullerton.

Adjunct Professor, Interactive Media Division (2000-2001)
Course taught:

  • Multiplayer Game Design