eBee Trailer

eBee is an electronics quilting game, merging the social contexts of quilting bees and board games, the strategic and systems thinking of gaming and electronics, and the tangible nature of electronics and quilting. The project aims to bridge the generational, ethnic and gender gaps in electronics and eTextiles through its incorporation of traditional quilting methods and practices, and accessibility of board games. We envision a future in which families, friends, and communities collaborate to build and play the game, and learn about electronics along the way. A collaboration with Dr. Gillian Smith, Grad Student Jeanie Choi and Undergrad Research Assistant Isabella Carlsson. eBee has been shown at the Foundations of Game Design, SIGGRAPH 2015 Studio, Boston Tech Poetics, and the upcoming Smithsonian Indie Arcade. For more visit: http://ebeeproject.net/ or follow us on Twitter @eBeeGame