Body of Light (1998-1999)

A multimedia performance, with Bob Rice at Electronic Cafe International.

Body of Light was a multimedia performance piece I developed with composer/guitarist Bob Rice that was performed at Electronic Cafe International and at the Banff Centre for the Arts. The very simple concept was to create an embodied way to improvise and perform with media by inverting the classic configuration of ChromaKey/blue screen technology. Instead of performing on a Chroma Blue background, I wore a Chroma Blue suit. The various media we selected, which included (in various instantiations) both pre-recorded and live computer graphics (created by Morris May), as well as video (by Jim Bizzochi), would then be revealed through my silhouette on video displays. The opening “movement” also included a sequence where the audience illuminated the performers with flashlights and still projections on a white suit.

Body of Light performed at the Banff Centre using video shot on-site by Jim Bizzochi.