Lounge @ SIGGRAPH (1995)

For SIGGRAPH 1995 in Los Angeles, I curated a gallery annex as part of the interactive venue, which was chaired by Coco Conn. The gallery focused on art-based and experimental projects from around the world, including AntiROM and Urban Feedback from the UK, and Bar-min-ski: Consumer Product, an art piece that consisted of a hundred-dollar can opener that came shrink-wrapped with a “Free CD-ROM,” as well as the Virtual Gallery. The venue was decorated with furniture rented from a set shop, including a fifties-style soda fountain bar and a glass coffee table with a mermaid base. I hung a cardboard sign over my desk there that said “Will Design Virtual Reality for Food.” Marita Isaksson, a Swedish intern from the Danish Kaos Pilots, was instrumental in design and implementation.